Virtual Escape Rooms

Point And click play at home game by Hidden Key Escapes!

We have developed our game, The Hideaway into a play at your own pace game.  You will have 72 hours from time of purchase to play through the game.  This is the full version of our in-person game with some slight modifications to make it digital.  You will play this game on your own without the assistance of a gamemaster.  However, there is a built-in clue system and if you are stuck, you can always reach out to us on Facebook!  The price of our point-and-click game is $28 and can allow 8 connections to allow you to play with friends and family remotely.

Virtual Live Avatar Escape Rooms by Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

  • All games are listed in US Central Time zone.  Please ensure you select the proper time slot.
  • Each session is $150 USD regardless of group size (1-8 connections), plus applicable taxes and fees.  Additional charge may apply for games scheduled outside our normal virtual escape room availability.
  • Games can accommodate up to 8 connections via Zoom.
  • This is a 100% virtual game and NOT an in-person/on-site experience.
    • Users will connect via Zoom and Telescape.
    • Users will be guided around the room via Zoom hosted by gamemaster.  Users will be responsible for advising the gamemaster what they would like to do: Open a lock, look at something closer, move to a spot, etc.
  • Virtual games are currently hosted on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during our normal business hours.  See booking below for available timeslots.  If you would like to make arrangements outside our normal availability, please contact us and will we try everything we can to accommodate you (additional charges may apply)!

Due to staffing constraints, virtual games are currently on hold.  Once we have adequate and trained staff, we will resume offering the live avatar virtual experiences!